Haruka Karibu Merch

Haruka Karibu Merch- Appearance

Haruka has long, vibrant green hair with small, yellow flowers tangled within it. Her bangs are neat and straight. She has antlers, decorated with vines and yellow roses. Her unique features are her big ears and antlers, resembling that of a Caribou. She wears a fluffy scarf around her neck.

She wears a short green button up dress, and semi-transparent sleeves and long white gloves. There are vines around her legs and down to her feet, and she wears simple brown shoes.

Haruka is a pretty lax and chill individual who is very sweet & a bit of a goober. That, until you call her “cult leader”, “cabbage,” “moose,” or any other species of the Deer Family. She is very warm & welcoming to everybody that comes her way! She also loves making new friends, interacting with her community & looking at fan art! While she sometimes gets a bit picked on in chat, she takes it with great stride & humor.

Haruka Karibu Merch


On 19 Jun 2020, Haruka uploaded her YouTube introduction video, 【Self-Introduction】Its so nice to meet you! I’m Haruka Karibu! 🍀.

By 2 Oct 2020 she had 26.8K YouTube subscribers, and 19,628 followers on Twitch.

On 21 Nov, she announced that she would be taking some time off from streaming due to “personal caribou problems”. She returned with a much celebrated return stream on 14 Dec. During the stream, she announced a new branding image, her Twitch partnership (which she had previously announced on Twitter during the hiatus), new video editors, new equipment, including a new mic, mixer and mic arm, a new racing wheel for racing games, two new Youtube videos, new emotes, huge future updates, and a new VOD channel on Youtube that’s archived every stream of hers since the start of October as well as future streams. She had collabed on Shinominya and Nini Yuuna’s streams during the hiatus, which were then deemed non-canon.

On 16 November, Haruka made a re-debut stream in which she revealed a new Live2D model. Haruka also revealed that she struggled with autism as a child, and did not learn to speak until later in life than normal.

On 3 December, during a Chibi stream Haruka Karibu was announced to be the next member of VShojo. She had her re-debut the same day.

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