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Haruka Karibu (birthday: March 12) is a Canadian VTuber best known for her song parodies and Minecraft streams.While she was independent when she debuted, on December 3, 2022, she joined VShojo. Buy Haruka Karibu Merch Here!

Haruka Karibu Merch

About - Haruka Karibu Merch

Haruka Karibu is a Canadian VTuber who debuted on 8 May 2020. She loves anime, video games and voice acting. She primarily streams on Twitch, where she likes hanging out with her chat, relax and have a good time! Though originally an independent streamer, she would later join VShojo.

Haruka is a pretty lax and chill individual who is very sweet & a bit of a goober. That, until you call her “cult leader”, “cabbage,” “moose,” or any other species of the Deer Family. She is very warm & welcoming to everybody that comes her way! She also loves making new friends, interacting with her community & looking at fan art! While she sometimes gets a bit picked on in chat, she takes it with great stride & humor.

Haruka Karibu - Collaborations

She would also collaborate with Nyanners and Froot, and made an appearance on ironmouse’s show. On November 21, “personal Caribou reasons” caused her to take a hiatus that lasted until December 14, but during this time she also collaborated with Yuuna Nini. Haruka says that Yuuna is one of her wives, alongside Nyanners, Yua, Ewica, Leaflet, Luna the Magikarp and Smolthie.

Haruka, Miyone, Professor Lando and The Anime Man have played Mario Party Superstars together.

Sometimes she will feature other VTubers in her Minecraft streams.

Haruko took part in a Crab Game stream that also featured Shylilly, Lyhart Seyra, Merry, Onigiri, AlfhildeOdin, Sif Avellana, girl dm, Ninaninin, Sylvee, TheArtGun, rpr and Omi. She also played Grand Theft Auto with Senz and Bunny GIF.

Other VTubers Haruka is friends with include Nova Ryuusei.

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